(Minor) update 30-11

Hey everyone! Here’s a minor update about a few things.

As of tomorrow (December 1st), face masks are mandatory in public spaces. Not wearing one might result in a fine of €95.

The infection rates in NL bounce up and down every day, but in terms of weekly trends it is more or less stable around 5000 infections per day. Consequence of that is that more relaxed measures in December are far from certain. More on that will become clear on the press conference of next week Tuesday (Dec. 8th).

The highest infection rates are now amongst 10-20 y/o’s and 50-60y/o’s, and in terms of regional spread, the past week (roughly) has seen particularly high infection rates in Flevoland and Twente (~280 per 100.000 inhabitants), while the Northern provinces and Zeeland are doing relatively well (~100 per 100.000). The rest of the country is somewhere in between regionally speaking (~200 per 100.000). Local hotspots do exist though, but not in major cities or places.

As infection rates amongst youth are rising, there’s a strong call from the government to follow the Covid guidelines and measures. Not sure what’s currently applicable? Check above!

That’s all for now, if there’s any questions or specific concerns, feel free to ask! Easiest way to reach us is sending an email to